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Mexican Court Allows Two People To Use Cocaine

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A Historic Ruling from a Mexican Court Allows Two Petitioners To Use Cocaine Firstly, On August 21, the nonprofit organization Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD) announced a “historic step” toward its objective of ending the “war on drugs” in Mexico. A Mexico City court has ruled that the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks […]

Guatemala Admits To Being a Cocaine Producer After Military Discovers Coca Plantations

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In Guatemala, Cocaine Isn’t Just Passing Through On September 19, Guatemalan Interior Minister Enrique Degenhart confirmed that drug cartels are manufacturing cocaine in Guatemala. “As a result of the discovery of fields planted with the coca leaf, Guatemala is now a cocaine-producing country,”  he admitted in a press conference last week. “This places Guatemala in a totally different situation […]

Man Injecting Himself With Large Amounts Of Cocaine To Feel

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A Desperate Man in Recovery Starts Injecting Cocaine To Cope A recent story highlights the harm caused by the opioid epidemic. A man name Paul Moore was 8 years into his opioid addiction treatment when his desire to get high prove too strong. After deciding he could not feel anything, Moore decided to start using cocaine. He […]

Miami Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested For Possession Of Cocaine

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Caught Sleeping Behind the Wheel Firstly, Miami rapper and restaurant owner Maurice Young, also know as Trick Daddy, was arrest on DUI charges and cocaine possession earlier this year. The police received calls about someone driving a Range Rover who ran red lights and hit stop signs. The Miami Herald report Young was sleeping behind a wheel when officers approach […]

FDA Approves Cocaine Nasal Spray As Study Casts Doubt On FDA Standards

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The FDA Allows a Cocaine Nasal Spray to Enter the Medical Market On January 13, the pharmaceutical company Lannett Company, Inc. announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its New Drug Application to market Numbrino, the brand-name for a cocaine hydrochloride nasal spray. Numbrino is a topical solution for the mucus membranes in […]

Costa Rica Seizes Five Tons Of Cocaine In Historic Drug Bust

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Costa Rica Uncovers Massive Cocaine Haul Firstly, , Costa Rica is a country in Central America with a population of about 5 million people. While Costa Rica is one of the region’s safest, happiest, and most stable nations, Costa Rica is also a major conduit through which drug traffickers transport cocaine from Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru to illegal […]

Olympic Kayaker Nathan Baggaley Found Guilty Of Smuggling Cocaine

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Nathan Baggaley Gets Life In Prison Firstly, On April 1st, the former Olympic kayaker Nathan Baggaley and his brother were fine guilty of plotting to smuggle $150 million of Cocaine into Australia. After a 2-week trial, a Brisbane jury convicted both Nathan and Dru Baggaley to life in prison. Both brothers pleaded not guilty to attempting to import […]

The War On Drug’s Ongoing Impact On Black People

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The War On Drugs And Race President Nixon launched the War on Drugs campaign in the 1970s, with a legacy that still exists today. The campaign attempted to bring attention and awareness to the impact drugs have had on the American people. Arguably, benefits such as Nixon’s signing of the Controlled Substances Act in 1970 […]

Biden Calls For Cheaper Prescription Drugs

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President Demands Action From Congress On Thursday, August 12, US President Joe Biden called on Congress to address the mounting costs of. What he deemed “outrageously expensive” prescription drugs in America. Buy 2C-pink Cocaine Powder Some of the possible solutions to the crisis offered by Biden in his remarks include enabling Medicare to negotiate drug prices, penalizing […]

Taliban Could Affect Afghanistan’s Opium Production

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Afghanistan’s Opium Production And The Taliban After 20 years, $2 trillion spent, 4 presidents, and 2,448 American lives lost, US forces in Afghanistan are officially withdrawing after Taliban militants seized the country’s capital, Kabul, this month. Because it is currently the world’s biggest Opiate supplier, some UN and US officials are concerned that Afghanistan’s opium production will […]

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