Student Loan Forgiveness Limited By the War on Drugs

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Criminal justice reform advocates say that President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan perpetuates the racial disparities of America’s failed War on Drugs. Buy Green Hulk MDMA online   President Joseph Biden last week announced a long-awaited plan to forgive student loan debt, saying the move will provide needed relief and narrow the racial wealth gap. […]

Survey Says Americans Are Choosing Pot Over Cigarettes

Cannabis has officially eclipsed tobacco in the U.S. Buy Egg Rolls tomorrow land MDMA online More Americans are smoking marijuana than cigarettes, according to a new survey, marking a milestone shift in consumer habits in the United States. The data, compiled as part of Gallup’s annual “Consumption Survey” and released last week, showed that only 11% of Americans […]

Burning Treez Lights Up Southern California

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Adelanto Stadium hosted the Burning Treez festival, a celebration of cannabis, hip-hop, and sports. Dark Smiley Green MDMA for sale Adelanto Stadium in Southern California was completely hotboxed on August 26 and 27 for the inaugural Burning Treez festival, presented by Cannexs. It was a celebration of hip-hop, sports, and most of all—the leafy green herb. The event […]

Fig Farms Keeps Things Weird

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A look inside the extensive breeding process at the award-winning cannabis cultivator. Buy Brown Phillipp Plein MDMA online When Fig Farms took first place at the 2017 NorCal Cannabis Cup, it was with the flowers from a single plant. That Banana Fig, a cross of Purple Fig with Banana Split, was exceptional enough to propel the company […]

Unlike Rose in Titanic, Shrooms Offered Comedian Jessimae Peluso a Door

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“I always go low and slow with anything in my life now. I realize the value of just slowing down and letting things inform me.” Buy Brown Donkey Kong MDMA online  Comedian Jessimae Peluso has had cannabis filling her lungs long before she took the stand-up stage at age 19. She actually got into the “weed game” by […]

Expanding the Brand: Why Cannabis Loves Merch

Better margins and less ad restrictions have cannabis brands shifting focus onto elevating your experience, past just their smoke. Blue vaders mdma for sale If you’re (trying to stay) active with the community on Instagram, you probably noticed before long that just about every weed brand, strain, and phrase has an entire merch business built around […]

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